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We understand that everyone has a different level of fitness, so we have designed our programs to make sure that everyone is included and feels like part of the Tapout Fitness Team.

As a Tapout Fitness team member, you have full access to all of our state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including the exclusive Tapout 20 program. Tapout 20 is a self-motivated, express, circuit-training workout that will teach you the basics of working out and martial arts in a non-intimidating, adaptive way.

  • Tapout Martial Arts for Adults
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  • Tapout Martial Arts for Kids
  • Tapout Fit
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  • Tapout Sweat
  • Tapout Yoga
  • Tapout Dance
  • Tapout Team
  • Tapout 20
  • Tapout Boxing
  • Tapout Preseason

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