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Inspiring the athlete
in every individual

Tapout Fitness is your all-encompassing fitness experience. We offer fitness + martial arts + group exercise, and we’ll provide you with the greatest outcome—all in one location! We have refined and redefined our clubs to include efficient 20-minute circuit based training, 60-minute classes, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment for strength or cardio training. We are certain Tapout Fitness beats the competition hands down!

Fitness is a lifestyle

Fitness is a lifestyle, and with Tapout Fitness you have all the tools for success. With Tapout Fitness in your life and your workouts in sync, you will reach your fitness goals. With many classes offered every week at all times of day, you’ll have access to the highest level of instruction at the most convenient times. Plus, you will have all-day access to our Tapout 20 circuit training programs.

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Best of the best Fitness platforms

Tapout Fitness is not an MMA Gym or Fight Club; we focus 100% on enhancing fitness. We provide group classes and one-on-one training for any man, woman or family to deliver total-body transformation and avoid stagnation or boredom. Tapout Fitness has researched the top fitness techniques in the country to offer the world’s “Best of the Best” fitness platforms, equipment and training—all in one location!



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We understand that everyone has a different level of fitness, so we have designed our programs to make sure that everyone is included and feels like part of the Tapout Fitness Team.

As a Tapout Fitness Team member,  you’ll have full access to all of our state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including the exclusive Tapout 20 program. Tapout 20 is a self-motivated, express circuit-training workout that will teach you the basics of working out and martial arts in a non-intimidating, adaptive way.

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