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Greg Jackson Tapout Martial Arts

jackson2Greg Jackson has partnered with Tapout Fitness to the exclusive Tapout Martial Arts system. Tapout Martial Arts is split into 3 distinct age ranges: ages 4-7, ages 8-13 and 14 and up. The program starts with an emphasis on physical fitness, motor skill development and life skills. Tapout Martial Arts then progresses to challenge one’s individual skill level to promote you through our belt rankings. This program is a comprehensive mix of striking, wrestling and grappling in a non-contact platform that will give you the skills to be a Tapout Martial Artist.

Greg Jackson has spent his twenty-plus year career revolutionizing the world of Mixed Martial Arts. In 1992 he opened his own school, Gaidojitsu (meaning scientific street fighting), and created a style of martial arts geared towards self-defense and street combat. Over the next decade, Greg Jackson became known as one of the best coaches in MMA and grappling, coaching notable fighters such as George St. Pierre, Jon Jones, and Sarah Kaufman. Greg has also written two books and worked to develop a curriculum that allows the non-fighter access to his techniques, ensuring that a modern system of Martial Arts for self-defense, fitness, and personal growth is available to the public.

Brandon Gibson Tapout Strike

jackson2Brandon Gibson has created Tapout Strike, a 45-minute fitness based class using the newest striking techniques to get you in shape and looking your best. Students will incorporate core body mechanics while learning the latest boxing and ckboxing combinations. The class starts with a pre workout to get your blood pumping and moves into conditioning and stretching, fitness striking, and a post workout.

Coach Gibson was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and began practicing traditional martial arts and boxing at a young age. In 2005, Brandon began training under Mike Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson and later became a coach at Jackson Wink MMA Academy in 2009 as a striking coach. He has coached notable fighters such as Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, John Dodson, and many more.


Kyle Coletti Tapout Fit

jackson2Coach Coletti created Tapout Fit, a challenging and adaptable 30-minutes workout designed around the Focusmaster. Using elements of boxing, kickboxing, and the Focusmaster machine, Tapout Fit will condition you whole body no matter what your fitness goals. This class combines striking combinations and interval training that will build muscle and shed fat at unbelievable rates. Warm-up, improve, and regenerate; Tapout Fit provides you the key tools of fitness.

Kyle Coletti is a fitness entrepreneur, business owner and creator of the Focusmaster Fitness 30 Minute Workout and Focus45 Bootcamp. Kyle’s passion for fitness comes from his early athletic background. Coletti grew up playing a wide range of sports including hockey, which he would later continue into college at SUNY Cortland. Coletti was exposed to various training methods and workout programs over the years, which helped him hone in on his own unique style of training and motivation.

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